Sunday, February 12, 2012

Since I haven't been able to get anywhere on my knives,try this.

Crickets as food source Yummy!However in worst case Hardcore situation it might keep ya alive!

The Handmaiden shows how to forage for watercress. Do You know how? Is it even in your area? If its Hardcore time ya better know!

In a hardcore situation Solar,as in cooking and lighting could be a Godsend! Got solar? You can build or buy an oven,solar lights are cheap.I don't have time to pull links right now but the net is full of them!And ASR has a little info for ya,stop by tell her China sez Hi would ya?

Just a little something to get your mind headed in the direction of Hardcore.Hardcore doesn't accept I don't know,if ya don't know Hardcore will kill you! Find out now! While you can.

And check this out vaccines to depopulate the world THAT IS VERY HARDCORE!!!



  1. Heya, China- this might interest you...
    a snippet: "...Knife Rights Director of legislative Affairs, Todd Rathner, testified in support of HB2584, which would repeal the existing Kansas ban on switchblades, dirks, and daggers and which also enacts knife law preemption. ..."
    For one of the articles. It's a site with the Nuge, so it's gotta be good.