Saturday, November 24, 2012


Pic 1 0-1 tool steel and Cocobolo handle.

Pic 2 Skinning knife for a buddy. D-2 tool steel.

Pic 3 Mine 0-1 tool steel black canvas micarta handle.

Pic 4 Kydex neck sheath I made for my Mora.

Pic 5 Combat/Machetes I am making for several buddys.Mild steel will be using Super quench.

Pic 6 My lite Golok 18'' 0-1  1/8 thick.

Pic 7  a buddy's Golok lite 17 '' 0-1 1/8 thick.

Pic 8 HCS logo on my black micarta knife.

Pic 9 A $20 Kuk I modified next to an unmodified $20 dollar Kuk. Will put up pics of finished product.


Saturday, August 4, 2012


I am hopefully about to get back to work on my knives. H     stands for hardcore survival ,which will be survival/bushcraft type knifes.                                    C
Blood River knifes will be combat/fighters/big choppers.

Good lord willing I'll be back at soon.

Ya'all take care!!


PS stupid fucking blogger shows it right in edit.Post's it wrong HCS is on a diagonal.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finally back to a bit of work on knives.

I have gotten a little work done lately not as much as I would like but some I will try to get some pics up in near future! I hope all of you are well!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Since I haven't been able to get anywhere on my knives,try this.

Crickets as food source Yummy!However in worst case Hardcore situation it might keep ya alive!

The Handmaiden shows how to forage for watercress. Do You know how? Is it even in your area? If its Hardcore time ya better know!

In a hardcore situation Solar,as in cooking and lighting could be a Godsend! Got solar? You can build or buy an oven,solar lights are cheap.I don't have time to pull links right now but the net is full of them!And ASR has a little info for ya,stop by tell her China sez Hi would ya?

Just a little something to get your mind headed in the direction of Hardcore.Hardcore doesn't accept I don't know,if ya don't know Hardcore will kill you! Find out now! While you can.

And check this out vaccines to depopulate the world THAT IS VERY HARDCORE!!!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

A knife quiz

I ran a poll once when I first started one of my blogs on what knives you all are packin in the woods.
Since there is no one size fits all,I usually pack one big mother and one small to medium.Along with a leatherman multi.

I seen a recent article by a survival lady who said 7-9 inches was perfect any bigger we are talkin Rambo.

Damn call me John J. Rambo cause I like my RtakII and Cold steel Pendelton skinner as a good combo.

Also coldsteel Kuk machete and SRK combo.

Or my Gurka kuk and Schrade sharpfinger older original.

Or any of said Big knifes and my Military mora combo.

To me a lot of the medium knifes are too big for smaller duties and too little for bigger duties.

Tell me your thoughts on an all around good field knife. Or combo's. As soon as I get computer straightened out I will get pics up. I think I am finally shaking off this cold,sinus infection,flu,whatever that has been kicking my butt for over 3 weeks. Damn I am itching to get back at it!

So tell me what you have or would like to have!

Also what would you think of modified Gurka Kukri with proper heat treat,with kydex sheath with attached firesteel in $75 price range?

Thoughts and comments appreciated!