Saturday, November 24, 2012


Pic 1 0-1 tool steel and Cocobolo handle.

Pic 2 Skinning knife for a buddy. D-2 tool steel.

Pic 3 Mine 0-1 tool steel black canvas micarta handle.

Pic 4 Kydex neck sheath I made for my Mora.

Pic 5 Combat/Machetes I am making for several buddys.Mild steel will be using Super quench.

Pic 6 My lite Golok 18'' 0-1  1/8 thick.

Pic 7  a buddy's Golok lite 17 '' 0-1 1/8 thick.

Pic 8 HCS logo on my black micarta knife.

Pic 9 A $20 Kuk I modified next to an unmodified $20 dollar Kuk. Will put up pics of finished product.


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